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Best of Annecy 2022

Annecy 2022
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Ask for the "Best of Annecy 2022" program to enjoy a recap of the best animation screened at the Annecy Festival.

Check out the "Best of Annecy Kids 2022", a program especially for kids and the "Best of WTF2022" for the most experienced!

"Best of Annecy 2022"

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival traverses the world far and wide with its "Best of Annecy 2022" program combining a selection of shorts, mainly winning films from the latest Festival with one tailor-made opening sequence by second year students from the GOBELINS, l’école de l’image.

As a follow-up, check out the "Best of Annecy 2022" program that’s available for festivals, associations and cultural institutions, as well as for structures with their own screening spaces.

On the "Best of Annecy 2022" program:

Watch Closely

Watch Closely, GOBELINS, l’école de l’image
Watch the video


Persona, by Sujin MOON
Watch the trailer 

Terra incognita

Terra incognita, by Pernille KJAER and Adrian DEXTER
Watch the trailer
Festivals Connexion Award

The Record

The Record, by Jonathan LASKAR
Interview with Jonathan LASKAR
"Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a First Film


Steakhouse, by Spela CADEZ
Watch the trailer
Jury Award

Of Wood

Of Wood, by Owen KLATTE
Interview with Owen KLATTE


Anxious Body, by Yoriko MIZUSHIRI
Watch the trailer
Jury Distinction
"For its beautifully crafted animation
and its great physical experience"


Amok, by Balazs TURAI
Watch the trailer
Cristal for a Short Film
France TV Award for a Short Film

Total viewing time: 75 minutes
Formats: DCP et HD
Price: €150 per screening

Reservations must be sent by e-mail to Laurent Million.

Download the photos

"Best of Annecy Kids 2022"

To satisfy all our audiences, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival offers a "Best of" selection.
The "Best of Annecy Kids 2022" assembles funny, touching and poetic short films that children will adore!

Films from the Official Selection as well as a tailor-made 2022 Annecy opening sequence by the students of GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, will make up the program designed to enchant children from the age of 6 and upwards.


Renouveau, GOBELINS, l’école de l’image
Watch the video

Luce and the Rock

Luce and the Rock, by Britt RAES
Watch the trailer
Interview with Britt RAES

La Soupe de Franzy

La Soupe de Franzy, by Ana CHUBINIDZE
Watch the teaser

Histoire pour 2 trompettes

Histoire pour 2 trompettes, by Amandine MEYER
Watch the teaser
Interview with Amandine MEYER
André-Martin Award for a French Short Film

Cat and Moth

Cat and Moth, by India BARNARDO
Interview with India BARNARDO


Bellysaurus, by Philip WATTS
Watch the trailer
Interview with Philip WATTS

La Reine des renards

La Reine des renards, by Marina ROSSET
Watch the trailer
Young Audience Award
Best Original Music Award for a Short Film,
sponsored by the SACEM

Festivals, associations and cultural institutions, and any structures with their own screening spaces, order the "Best of Annecy Kids 2022" now.

Total duration: 55 min
Formats: DCP and HD
Price: €150 VAT not incl. per screening

Reservation requests should be sent by e-mail to Laurent Million.

Download the photos

"Best of WTF2022"

"The opposite of laughter is not seriousness, it is the reality", a certain Georg Hegel tried to proclaim. It’s time to forget about dark times for a short while and add glitter, tears of joy, white-knuckles, and shrieks of surprise by escaping with a few films!

Why don’t you step outside your comfort zone, be flabbergasted, shudder, roar with laughter or weep watching these 12 little gems selected with love to fire up the WTF2022? From 18 years old.

In partnership with:


On the "Best of WTF2022" program:

Red Square

Red Square, by Anatol CHECHIK
Watch the video


Ding, by Malte STEIN

Not Drifting Off

Not Drifting Off, by Steph HOPE

The Sunset special

The Sunset Special, by Nicolas GEBBE


Godzalina, by Lucile PARAS


Cuties, by Theo W. SCOTT

Hotel Kalura

Hotel Kalura, by Sophie Koko GATE

Sed saepe cadendo

Sed saepe cadendo, by Gina KAMENTSKY

A Goat's Spell A Goat's Spell, by Gerhard FUNK
Birds Whose Legs Break Off Birds Whose Legs Break Off, by Dirk VERSCHURE
Don't Die on Me Don’t Die on Me, by Ori GOLDBERG
Coucou Tchoutchou

Coucou Tchoutchou, by Charlie MARS
Watch the video

Total duration: 75 minutes
Formats: DCP and HD
Price: €150 VAT not incl. per screening

Reservation requests should be sent by e-mail to Laurent Million.

Download the photos

Handy info

The films can be downloaded as a DCP or HD file and can also be sent on hard disk (transport costs to be covered).

Some of the films are available with French or English subtitles. If this is not the case, a preview DVD and text of dialogues can be sent by request to create your own subtitles.

For further questions, get in touch with one of our programme planners:

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