Grand Silence

Grand silence


On an unknown island where there are humans that look like living, there is a kind of giant factory that has always been there. This strange factory’s mission is to swallow up children’s silent screams. It is called the Grand silence… In a tale for adults, as beautiful as the subject is sensitive, Théa Rojzman and Sandrine Revel deliver a powerful graphic novel that explores, pushing aside brutality or complaisance, a menacing problem that we prefer to ignore: sexual violence committed on children.


  • Information

    Titre : Grand silence

    Country: France

    Script: Théa Rojzman

    Illustrations: Sandrine Revel

    Publishing Company: Glénat

    Type of Work: Individual

    Series: Special edition

    Audience: Teens-adults, 12 years old and over

  • Festival

    En partenariat avec Lyon BD

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