migration clandestine

Comment réussir sa migration clandestine


How do you denounce what Europe wants to ignore at all costs? Salim Zerrouki attempts to awaken the little humanity that lies dormant within us.
While the European Union finances the Libyan coastguards responsible for bringing migrants back to detention camps, yet prevents NGOs from rescuing boats in distress in the Mediterranean Sea, Salim Zerrouki is trying – even if it is upsetting – to face up to our responsibilities. Comment réussir sa migration clandestine provides essential tips on how to survive drowning, rape, torture and organ theft. Nine independent stories. Any resemblance to real facts is not accidental.


  • Information

    Title: Comment réussir sa migration clandestine

    Country: France, Tunisia

    Script: Salim Zerrouki

    Illustrations: Salim Zerrouki

    Publishing Company: Encre de nuit / LHE

    Type of Work: Individual

    Series: Special edition

    Audience: All ages

  • Festival

    In partnership with CairoComix

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