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Annecy 2021


Artistic Director, CITIA


It’s the law of desire… 2020 was an exceptional year, strange, through which we wandered without any bearings. Courageously, our teams produced a Festival in the Internet sphere, and we kept close contact with you while missing seeing you in Annecy. Now, in this year 2021, the Festival has somewhat taken back its original form, and our desire to get together with you again, increased tenfold by absence, is soon to be appeased. Here we are, ready to welcome you with open arms, ready to celebrate our Festival’s thriving history with you, ready, at last, to shine that spotlight on African animation. Each edition of the Festival is unique, but that of 2021 promises to be more unique than any other.

Let’s celebrate in the face of adversity, let’s remember why we’re fighting this pandemic, let’s never forget how essential creativity has been in supporting us during these months of restriction. Annecy was there in June 2020 because it was essential to be there for animation lovers, but also and especially because we needed to support those who had given so much of themselves in creating their works and who risked being left to the wayside. Dear friends, we’ve missed you so much! We’ve never been so impatient to meet up again.

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