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Annecy 2021

France Télévisions

Director of the Young Audiences/Educational Unit and Director of Animation

What a lovely idea, gliding back into normal life by way of Annecy lake...

But what will the world of "after" look like? The ongoing upheavals impacting our usages and the big audiovisual players are deep and destabilizing in a sector that has no other choice but to think in very far-sighted terms. And even if animation has proven to be remarkably agile throughout the whole pandemic, the remaining uncertainties are multifold. What will be the prevailing usages, which screens will count the most, on what types of rights will future project financing be based, where will the spots for renewing the offer be, and more?

The good news that France 4 will be maintained is a powerful response to the profound changes buffeting us on all sides of our screens.

For its young audiences, France Télévisions has set up an ecosystem equal to its task: it will continue permanent digital AND linear broadcasting.
The only trade-off to this renewed commitment lies in the ambition, rather the ambitions, which we intend to continue supporting with you:
- First of all, to reach all audiences, adapting the writing to the unique features of each of those audiences.
- To entertain them in an inspired and inspiring way, multiplying the models of representation, the imaginary, providing a better understanding of the world. And to this point, the inclusion of the educational unit’s teams (Lumni) into the fold of the Young Audiences division is proof of a reinforced edutainment goal: to interest, to sensitize, to deepen; this is the triad which will shape our upcoming offer, by developing all possible synergies between Okoo and Lumni, between linear and digital.
- The ambition, finally, to assist and encourage creative excellence in French and European animation, notably by focusing on the new horizons of animation: family audiences and adults.

Because of France Télévision’s strong and sustainable commitment to animation, combined with the CNC’s and regions’ forceful pro-sector push, we feel relatively optimistic in this admittedly complicated period the world is undergoing where, in spite of everything, opportunities to raise animation to major genre status have never been so promising.

Long live animation!
A great anniversary to the greatest of all festivals or festive-fulls!

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