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60 years in pictures

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The animation stars are celebrating the Festival’s 60th anniversary with video tributes, festive cards and other texts. Unique animations or thoughtful anecdotes from the participants, all wishing a happy birthday to the event that gathers them together each year.

You can see all the special messages they prepared here!


Regina Pessoa's Gif

Regina Pessoa


Message from Arthur de Pins

Arthur de Pins

"Out of all my memories of the Annecy Festival, the best ones are those from when I was a student.
We meet hundreds of different nationalities, but we all speak the same language.
We don’t know people’s first names, but we call ourselves by the titles of our films.
We all are incognito elsewhere, but in Annecy we are mini-celebrities.
This drawing depicts me meeting, in 2001, the person who will become my co-director and friend, Alexis Ducord, when we were both invited to present our Graduation Films.
Seventeen years (and many Savoyard fondues) later, we were celebrating the release of our first Feature Film in Bonlieu.
Happy Birthday, dear Festival, the crossroads for so many encounters and a springboard for so many careers!
Unlike us, you don’t look a day older!
Arthur de Pins

Message from Jérémy Clapin
"My first Annecy Festival was in 1996, and it changed my life.
It was here that I learned to pitch a tent on my own, in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. I’m talking about one of those old tents with pegs that weighed 5kg, not one of these new tents that you throw into the air and they go up all on their own.
Without the Annecy Festival I wouldn’t be making films today. One week was enough for me to fall in love with animation. One week was enough for me to realise I would never see the end of it. It’s at Annecy that I met the producer of my first short film, and we all know that there are no other films without a first film.
Thank you Annecy, and I hope to see you again very soon!
Jérémy Clapin

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