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  1. Annecy 2018 unveiled!
  2. An award for the organisation Women in Animation
  3. A Closing Ceremony Full of Firsts!
  4. GOBELINS on the Big Screen


This year’s themes, poster, news, partners’ trailer, GOBELINS credits, and the Honorary Cristal Award…

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Annecy 2018 unveiled!

The Quebecois self-taught illustrator and graphic novel artist, awarded numerous prizes for his work, has been chosen to design the official poster for this year’s International Animation Film Festival and Market.

His graphic style can be recognised in the poster, which borrows themes and colours from Brazil, honoured this year at the Festival.

"Creating the Annecy poster is a superb opportunity, even more so as it evokes the classic travel posters and seaside resorts of the 1930s.
Everything was in place, with the superb lake, the spectacular mountains and the all-white Imperial Palace.
This poster is an immense honour for me.
Pascal Blanchet

Pascal Blanchet is – in his words – "a Quebecois illustrator, poster designer and author of graphic novels living among the polar bears in Montreal". He has worked for The New Yorker, Wes Anderson and Pierre Lapointe among many others, and is currently directing a short animated film with the National Film Board of Canada.

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An award for the organisation Women in Animation

Created in 2015 for the 30th anniversary of Annecy International Animation Film Market, the award aims to highlight the people who have contributed to the changes in the animation industry through their achievements, investments and reflections.

For the first time, this year the Mifa Animation Industry Award will be given to an organisation – Women in Animation (WIA).

The Festival decided in 2015 to put women at the top of the bill, with an entirely female jury, the design of the official poster was done by a well-known female artist, and much of the programme was composed of films by female directors. In 2016, Michèle Lemieux created the poster and 7 of the 12 members of the jury were women. As for 2017, Mifa hosted the first Women in Animation World Summit involving the organisations Women in Animation and Les Femmes s’Animent.

"After the 2015 Festival put the spotlight on women in animation, we are delighted to give this prize to Women in Animation and, through this association, to all organisations who work for the equal status of women in the animation sector. This award is once again a demonstration of Annecy’s engagement to raise awareness and put into practice a real sense of equality within organisations."
Mickaël Marin, CITIA Managing Director, Head of Economic Development & Mifa

It is in this context that the wish to support women sharing the same passion has resulted in Women in Animation being chosen this year as the recipient of the Mifa Animation Industry Award during the Annecy International Animation Film Market.

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Honouring Brazilian animation!

This year, Annecy International Animation Film Festival will shake with the rhythm of Brazil! Brazilian animation will be honoured throughout the week as a way of highlighting the cultural energy of Brazil, particularly from a cinematographic perspective. The high quality of Brazilian cinema has already been recognised at the Festival with:

"We want to show how this major territory is a powerful spring of creativity, to show how Brazilian animators have drunk deep from these waters to establish an unusual and striking expression.
The programming in homage to Brazilian animation will be jointly planned with our colleagues from Anima Mundi, a festival founded in 1993 which takes place every year in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.
Marcel Jean, Artistic Director

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Music and animated movies as a special guest star!

There were many directors who tried their hand at sound films following its advent, of whom Oskar Fischinger (Hungarian Rhapsody, An Optical Poem) was the most famous, but Norman McLaren, Bruno Bozetto, Alexandre Alexeïeff, Mickael Dudok de Wit, and Georges Schwizgebel among many others should also be mentioned, as well as the composers who put their music together with animation, such as Bruno Coulais, Hans Zimmer, Arthur Honegger, and Alexandre Desplat. The great Disney classics owe their fame to these songs.

This is why we have decided to shine a light on these classic animated musical films during the programme of the Festival.

"To tribute music in animated cinema, the best way to begin is to let musicians step up on stage, to remind us – as emphatically as possible – of the importance of music in our relationship to cinema, in the emotion which pulses from it, in its structure itself…
We want to let the composers speak for themselves, to endow them with a place of honour in our Festival programming, and to enable public and professionals alike to meet them.
Marcel Jean, Artistic Director

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