Check out the summaries of the conferences

13 conferences were proposed during Annecy 2014. You can now check out the summaries online. >>> more info

affiche_Annecy 2014

Annecy at the Animator festival

A best of Annecy 2014 soon to be screened in Poznań (Poland), during the Animator festival. >>> more info


Results of the Anima-J vote

After the Annecy Festival, a selection of short films was recently presented to school children in e >>> more info


The numerous Festival awards

The Annecy Festival 2014 has come to an end after having awarded many prizes, including the coveted >>> more info


Revisit the highlights from Annecy 2014

Browse through the Annecy 2014 Replay online to discover a selection of stand-out events from this y >>> more info


Recap of the prizewinning films at the Forum des images

On the 25th and 26th June, the Forum des images in Paris is offering some catch up screenings of Ann >>> more info


Free screenings for anyone and everyone on Sunday!

Locals and festivalgoers who haven't yet left Annecy, come and enjoy some last screenings! >>> more info


An awareness clip from Ecoprod

During the Festival and its Market, Ecoprod is going to broadcast a promotional clip to raise awaren >>> more info