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Meet the... Authors

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Scriptwriters, directors and graphic artists, come and take advantage of the Speed Dating for authors during the Mifa 2021 and in partnership with the AGrAF.

Are you a scriptwriter, director or graphic artist looking for co-authors for an animation project? Would you like to use your talent for a project or develop an original universe around your creations? Then get down to the Meet the… Authors – Speed Dating for animation authors.

Because beautiful projects are sometimes the result of artistic encounters, or a newly forming project is seeking a graphic proposal, an exterior perspective, or a real scriptwriting flourish, or even a director’s vision, the AGrAF (French animation authors group) has been organising Speed Dating for authors for several years now.

The principle is simple, in a friendly atmosphere you discuss embryonic or developed projects, or even just ideas, to find the right partner in order to bring a project to fruition.

By invitation only. To organise a meeting, contact Frécilia Zambaux.

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