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Archipel: Promote and Sell Your Content from Line-up to Library

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Demo of two marketplaces: Archipel Market (Line-up promotion), and Archipel Content (Library sales).

Discover 2 complementary platforms developed by Cascade8, the tech branch of the Logical Pictures Group:

  • Archipel Market/Line-up promotion: promote, screen and meet with more that 1200 buyers on this ongoing film market. One platform for your year-round sales promotion!
  • Archipel Content/Library sales: monetize your back catalog's TV, VOD and ancillary rights on the first marketplace offering multi-sellers package deals.


  • Marie ALTMAYER
    Marie ALTMAYER

    Business Developer / Archipel Market

  • Christophe PECOT
    Christophe PECOT

    Business Developer / Archipel Content