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Learn how the Annecy Festival ticketing system works (closed).

Accredited delegates should activate and update their Annecy Network space beforehand to use the online ticketing system as soon as it opens.
You can reserve screenings online from the beginning of June.

Accredited Delegates

  • 45 min before

    Waiting lines open
  • 30 min before

    Doors open

    Badgeholders with reservations and people with tickets can enter Scan.

    Reservations and cancellations closed online
  • 10 min before

    Reserved or purchased places that are not taken shall be redistributed.

    Badgeholders without reservations allowed to enter

    Seating limited
    Badges scanned

  • Screening begins

Get your accreditation on line before 31st May or on site from Sunday 9th June at 10:00 am.

Do you have any questions?

How can I make reservations?

  1. Activate your Annecy Network space before ticketing opens (username and password to be found on your accreditation confirmation)

  2. The ticketing system will open at varying times for the different types of accreditation. The date and time for your accreditation group will be sent to your Annecy Network space and by email.

  3. Log on to Ticketing space in Annecy Network or the phone app MyAnnecy Festival (username and password to be found on your accreditation confirmation).

  4. Reserve your screenings and sessions according to your limits and upon availability. All screenings in every theatre require a reservation. Modify or cancel your reservations online up to 30 minutes before the screening begins. You can also use the Multimedia stations available around the Festival and Mifa to reserve or cancel your sessions.

  5. If you are unable to come to a reserved screening, please don't forget to cancel: this will free up seats for others and allow you to reserve the same screening session for another day.

  6. You will find a recap of your reserved sessions in your Ticketing space in Annecy Network or the phone app MyAnnecy Festival.

  7. Download the phone app MyAnnecy Festival to receive reminders of your reserved sessions!

  8. Show up to the theatre entrances 45 minutes before each reserved screening. Don't forget your badge, it will be scanned to control your reservation before entering the theatre. Please note: Your place is guaranteed up to 10 minutes before the screening begins, after which your entry could be refused!

  9. If you were unable to make a reservation online, you can try your luck by showing up 45 minutes early and waiting in the line by the entrance marked "Badgeholders without a reservation". If there are any places left after the general public has bought their tickets, you'll be allowed to enter with your badge.

Free Events Open to All

Open-air screenings, exhibitions and signing sessions are all free of charge and open to anyone and everyone.

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Screenings of Prizewinning Films

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