In accordance with the measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the on-site Annecy Festival 2020 edition is cancelled.
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  • amazarashi "Christmas"

    amazarashi "Christmas"

    Directed by: Masaki YOKOBE (A.K.A YKBX)

    Country: Japan

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  • Eatliz "Lose this Child"

    Eatliz "Lose this Child"

    Directed by: Yuval NATHAN, Merav NATHAN

    Country: Israel

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  • Five Years Older "The City"

    Five Years Older "The City"

    Directed by: Dirk KOY

    Country: Switzerland

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  • George Michael "December Song"

    George Michael "December Song"

    Directed by: MIE

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • Léo Ferré "Monsieur William"

    Léo Ferré "Monsieur William"

    Directed by: Patricia STROUD

    Country: France

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  • The Audreys "Sometimes the Stars"

    The Audreys "Sometimes the Stars"

    Directed by: Ari GIBSON, Jason PAMMENT

    Country: Australia

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  • Wax Tailor Featuring Charlie Winston "I Own You"

    Wax Tailor Featuring Charlie Winston "I Own You"

    Directed by: Romain CHASSAING

    Country: France

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