BackFeature Films in Competition L’officielle

  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice

    Directed by: Naoko YAMADA

    Country: Japan

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  • Animal Crackers

    Animal Crackers

    Directed by: Tony BANCROFT, Scott Christian SAVA, Jaime Maestro

    Country: USA, Spain, China

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  • Big Fish & Begonia

    Big Fish & Begonia

    Directed by: Xuan (Tidus) LIANG, Chun (Breath) ZHANG

    Country: China

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  • Ethel and Ernest

    Ethel and Ernest

    Directed by: Roger MAINWOOD

    Country: United Kingdom, Luxembourg

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  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World

    Directed by: Sunao KATABUCHI

    Country: Japan

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  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent

    Directed by: Dorota KOBIELA, Hugh WELCHMAN

    Country: Poland, United Kingdom

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  • Lu Over the Wall

    Lu Over the Wall

    Directed by: Masaaki YUASA

    Country: Japan

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  • Tehran Taboo

    Tehran Taboo

    Directed by: Ali SOOZANDEH

    Country: Germany

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  • Zombillénium


    Directed by: Arthur DE PINS, Alexis DUCORD

    Country: Belgium, France

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