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Yle – Finnish Broadcasting Company

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Reserve a meeting with Vicky Schroderus between Friday 29th May and Wednesday 10th June, and join her on Tuesday 16th June, at 4:00-6:00 pm (Central European Time - CET).

Come and discover the projects and programs sought by Yle – Finnish Broadcasting Company.

What is your editorial strategy?

Finnish-speaking Yle TV2 is the largest kids programs’ broadcaster according to the ratings and audience satisfaction in Finland. Altogether it airs over 1,300 hours of programming for kids aged between 2-12. Yle’s FVOD service, Areena, gets approximately 4M hits on kids programming per week (Finland’s population is 5.4M). The Pikku Kakkonen magazine show is one of Yle’s biggest brands. Its main target is the 3-6-year-old kids’ age group. It reaches about 68% of the target group every week on linear TV. For the 7-12-year-old kids’ age group Yle has an interactive brand named Galaxi. It reaches about 10% of its target group every week on linear TV. The Galaxi universe can be found online. Buu-Klubben is aired by the Swedish-speaking channel Yle Fem. Its main focus is the 4-7-year-old kids’ age group.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

We are not only looking for high-quality animation, but also imaginative characters and innovative stories with a humorous twist. We place strong emphasis on the scripts. The formats can be anything between 1-30 minutes in length.

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