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The Walt Disney Company EMEA

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Reserve a meeting with Orion Ross and Shamik Majumdar between Friday 29th May and Wednesday 10th June and meet them on Friday 19th June between 10:00 am-12:00 midday (Central European Time - CET).

Come and discover the projects and programs sought by Disney.

What is your editorial strategy?

Disney commissions, acquires and co-produces animated content originated in Europe and Africa, working with independent studios and producers across the region, for its global channels and streaming services including Disney Junior, Disney Channel and Disney+.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

The current focus for development includes original series for:

  1. preschoolers
  2. school-age children
  3. broader family audiences, including grownups.

We’re looking for compelling storytelling that reflects core Disney values of optimism, decency and community with a unique perspective, strong characters, best-in-class creative talent and premium quality production values.

Session in English