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Tous à l'Ouest, une aventure de Lucky Luke

Go West, a Lucky luke Adventure

  1. Overview
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The lone cowboy is back!
From the streets of New York to the Wild West, he's off again on his trusty steed to escort a convoy of settlers.
Direction: California!

1855, New York. Four convict brothers are summoned to court: the perfect opportunity to escape and, in due form, plunder all of the banks in the financial sector.
Before being stopped by Lucky Luke, Joe just about has time to stash the loot in a trailer... in which the migrants get swindled by Crook: they only have 80 days to get to California!
Lucky Luke escorts them, taking advantage of the chance to take the Daltons back to prison.
The bona fide road-movie was inspired by La Caravane, an album released in 1964 and illustrated by Morris with a script by René Goscinny. Olivier Jean-Marie, who had already worked with Xilam on the TV series The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, hoped to create something completely different for this big-screen adaptation of the man who shoots faster than his shadow.
He was inspired by the script, to which he added various elements of the story.
With a team of 230 artists by his side, Olivier Jean-Marie placed the emphasis on the graphics and 2D/3D composition.
He also defended the recording of the main characters' voices before the end of the production process, to enhance the work of the actors and inspire the vocals of Lambert Wilson (Lucky Luke), Clovis Cornillac (Joe Dalton) and François Morel (Rantanplan).