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Coraline is a very imaginative little girl.
An explorer from a young age, she will discover a world similar to her own, but in which the people surrounding her seem more attentive, friendlier, more available.
But appearances can be deceiving...

After moving house, Coraline's parents, snowed under with work, start to neglegt her. She thinks she will be able to seek refuge in the parallel universe she has discovered.
Unfortunately her "other Mother" is known for being a terrible woman who lures children in to steal their eyes, replace them with buttons and keep them at her side forever. With the help of WhyB and a cat, Coraline will have to use all of her ingenuity to get rid of this terrible influence and find her true parents.
In 2002 the English writer Neil Gaiman published this dark tale which he originally made up for his daughter, and sent the manuscript to Henry Selik, director of The Nightmare before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach, who was immediately seduced by this Carrollesque universe.
Gaiman allowed the scriptwriters a great deal of freedom in adapting his novel, and Selick kept the alternation between humour and fear, at the same time giving the story a musical tone and creating the character of WhyB, a little boy who is Coraline's accomplice.
Released in 2009, the film received the Cristal for feature films at Annecy the same year.
A marriage between traditional style and stop-motion animation, a mixture of hand-stitched puppets and computer generated images, Coraline was the first animation film directed completely in 3D.


  • La Luna

    USA - Enrico CASAROSA

  • The Ballad of Nessie


  • Scrat's Continental Crack-Up

    USA - Michael THURMEIER, Steve MARTINO

  • Hawaiian Vacation


  • Coyote Falls

    USA - Matthew O'CALLAGHAN