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Claudie has an atypical job. She probes deep space searching for extraterrestrial life forms to communicate with. What if, because she has spent all her time and energy focused on interstellar mysteries, she ends up losing contact with Earth?

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Signal

    Directed by: Mathilde PARQUET, Emma CARRÉ

    Country: France

    Running time: 15 min

  • Technique

    Category: Short film

    Techniques used: puppets

    Target public: Teens, Adults, Young adults

    Looking for broadcaster(s), distributor(s), producer(s)/co-producer(s)

  • Credits

    Directed by: Mathilde PARQUET, Emma CARRÉ

    Production: VIVEMENT LUNDI !, Aurélie ANGEBAULT, Jean-François LE CORRE

    Composer: Pablo PICO