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2010 Meeting/events

Richard Williams

Opportunities for privileged exchanges with masters of animation who will share some of their production secrets and answer your questions.

This will also include producers on the lookout for new and unusual talents and ideas, developers of all formats of projects (movies, TV, etc), with precious feedback from various players in the field of animation.

  • Focus on writers: Storyboard master class

    presented by Fabrice Fouquet, director How to go from script to storyboard. What does direction bring to the script? Practical cases: difficult and complicated scenes, pitfalls with the imagery and the text.

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  • Focus on writers: 2D vs 3D master class

    co-presented by Catherine Cuenca, scriptwriter, and Hoël Caouissin, director What are the advantages and disadvantages of 2D and 3D? What about one technique makes it preferable to the other? Finding the balance...

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  • Variety Up Next: Animation Talents

    event co-organised with Variety, presented and led by Peter Debruge The prestigious review will be publishing potraits from some ten creators. But not before it answers questions from Peter Debruge... and yourselves, in this...

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  • DreamWorks master class How to Train Your Dragon

    Simon Otto and Kristof Serrand invite you behind the scenes of an atypical DreamWorks film and show you as yet unseen images!

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  • Speed dating for graphic creators and writers!

    presented by Annetta Zucchi, scriptwriters Scriptwriter looking for a graphic creator/illustrator to bring your script to life? Graphic creator in need of a writer to develop a strong script based on your creations? Find...

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  • TigoboANIMATION, from creation to training

    Presentation of projects being developed and the official launch of a new Masters in Production work/study course in Angouleme (international meetings, master class and worshops).

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  • Musical scores in images

    Composers and creators of the Masters in Applied Music for Visual Arts (MAAAV, Lyon 2), Jean-Marc Serre and Bertrand Merlier, accompanied by Simon Dufour, a former student and communication assistant for Masters, will be here...

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  • Musical compostion for imagery class

    The musical compostion for imagery class from the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional (CRR) in Annecy will produce live a soundtrack for an animated short film.

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