Miss Hokusai

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A world premiere presentation of the forthcoming directorial effort of Keiichi Hara, based on the graphic novel by Hinako Sugiura.

Hara, whose previous feature film, "Colorful", received the Jury's Special Distinction and the Audience Award in Annecy 2011, will take on the portrayal of an amazing female character overshadowed by her larger-than-life father, and the painstaking reconstruction of 1814 Japan's landscape and customs.

Adaptation: "Sarusuberi", Hinako Sugiura

Nationality : Japon

Release date: 2015

Genre : Drama

Stade de développement : production

Looking for: distributors

Synopsis : The untold story of the great painter Hokusai's daughter. A lively portrayal of a free-spirited, utterly outspoken and highly talented woman, evolving with the changing seasons.