High Voltage Session, l'animation version rock

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A selection of supercharged films mixing animation and rock!

Crowd surf your way into the land of music and animation fanatics during this High Voltage Session, where road trips, car chases, good laughs and nostalgia are on the programme.

An animated screening that will rock your socks off!


  • AC/DC Rock'n Roll Train Concert Intro

    United Kingdom - John MURRAY, Barney HEWLETT

  • Harmonix "Rockband"

    United Kingdom - Pete CANDELAND

  • Harmonix "Rock Band II"

    United Kingdom - Pete CANDELAND

  • Rally's "Chicken Sandwich"

    USA - Peter CHUNG

  • Rally's "G-Force"

    USA - Peter CHUNG

  • The Chase

    France - Philippe GAMER

  • Xbox "Guitar Hero II"

    United Kingdom - Pete CANDELAND

  • OCB "Roll'n Rock"

    Spain - Nicolas CASAVECCHIA

  • OCB "I Wear No Underwear"

    Spain - Nicolas CASAVECCHIA

  • The Goon (Trailer)

    USA - Tim MILLER

  • Coke Zero "Happy Kingdom"

    United Kingdom, USA - Pete CANDELAND

  • Coke Zero "Invasion"

    United Kingdom - Pete CANDELAND

  • Harmonix "The Beatles: Rock Band"

    United Kingdom, USA - Pete CANDELAND

  • Jack Daniels "Tennessee Honey"

    United Kingdom - Pete CANDELAND

  • Deezer libère la musique

    France - CRCR

  • Supermoine Holypop

    France - BAKERS

  • Tallica Parking Lot

    USA - Juno LEE

  • The Butterfly Effect

    United Kingdom - Dan SUMICH

  • One Minute Puberty

    Germany - Alexander GELLNER

  • Ziggy (Pilote)

    France - Samuel TOURNEUX

  • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! "Année 1969"

    France - Arthur QWAK

  • Battle of the Album Covers

    USA - Rohitash RAO, Abraham SPEAR

  • 16-33-45-78

    Canada - Marc LAMOTHE (DIT DJ XL5), Francis THÉBERGE

  • Fire

    United Kingdom - Susan YOUNG

  • 1300cc

    United Kingdom - Eoin CLARKE

  • Insult to Injury

    France - Seb CAZES

  • Rossignols en décembre

    Canada - Theodore USHEV

  • Dji. Death Fails

    Moldova - Dmitri VOLOSHIN

  • Evian "We Will Rock You"

    United Kingdom - SOANDSAU