Lessons Learned

Handmade Puppet Dreams

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With this collection of films, you'll notice that puppets come in all shapes and sizes and discover the diversity of their storytelling skills!

Heather Henson, daughter of The Muppet Show creator, established IBEX Puppetry, a company promoting the fine art of puppetry. They manage several projects, including Handmade Puppet Dreams, a nomadic festival that's been uniting original shorts with animated puppet films for ten years.

Discover a series of films that give bodies to the visions of puppeteers by making their dreams come true on screen.


  • The Mill at Calder's End

    USA - Kevin MCTURK

  • Round

    United Kingdom - Kirk HENDRY

  • Crane and Tortoise

    USA - Matty SIDLER

  • Colosse a Wood Tale

    USA - Yves GELEYN

  • All This Joy

    USA - Jesse GARRISON

  • Josephine and the Roach

    USA - Jonathan LANGAGER

  • Genius Knows No Formula


  • Klonox

    France - Thomas GUERIGEN

  • Daniel

    France, Belgium - Alexandre VIGNAUD

  • Cicada Princess

    USA - Mauriccio BAIOCCHI

  • Empra - Strange Condition

    Australia - Jai KENWAY, Donna YEATMAN

  • Lessons Learned

    USA - Toby FROUD