Cartoon Network Presents: The Ingredients of Comedy

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For more than 25 years, Cartoon Network has been the proud home of comedy animation for audiences worldwide.

In this specially curated masterclass, talent at the helm of Cartoon Network shows from across the globe will dissect what makes a great animated comedy.

Featuring tips and advice, live demonstrations and exclusive content, this is a session not to be missed!


  • George GENDI
    George GENDI

    Creator, Apple & Onion
    Cartoon Network

  • Mic GRAVES
    Mic GRAVES

    Writer and Series Director, The Amazing World of Gumball
    Cartoon Network

  • Vaibhav KUMARESH
    Vaibhav KUMARESH

    Creator, Lamput
    Cartoon Network

  • Madeline QUERIPEL
    Madeline QUERIPEL

    Supervising Director, Infinity Train; Storyboard Artist, Regular Show
    Cartoon Network


  • Patricia HIDALGO
    Patricia HIDALGO

    Chief Content Officer, EMEA & International Kids Strategy
    Cartoon Network