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Croc Blanc – White Fang

White Fang

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Catch up with the most endearing wolfdog from the Far North for an open-air screening!

After a stint at the Annecy Festival in 2016 during a Work in Progress session (where it left with the Gan Fondation Award for Distribution), then in 2018 for a screening on the Pâquier, White Fang will return once again from its frozen lands to melt the hearts of the young and old. The perfect opportunity to see Alexandre Espigares' animated adaptation of Jack London’s notorious novel, either for the first time or again.


White Fang is a proud and brave wolfdog. After growing up in the snowy and hostile lands of the Far North, he is picked up by Grey Beaver and his Indian tribe. But at the hands of some cruel and vicious men Grey Beaver is forced to give up the animal. White Fang is saved by an honest and kind couple, so White Fang will learn to master his wild instincts and  become their friend.

A beautiful and timeless story of friendship, not to be missed!

This screening is provided by the "Vitrines d'Annecy", in partnership with Auditorium de Seynod. In the event of bad weather the screening shall be postponed to the following day.