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Masterclass with Yôichi Kotabe

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Yôichi Kotabe is a legendary figure of Japanese animation. Beginning in 1959 he worked closely with Yasuji Mori (Le prince garnement triomphe de la grande hydre), then became one of the main associates of Isao Takahata, for whom he did his first work on The Great Adventure of Horus: Prince of the Sun (1968).

Together Kotabe, Takahata and Miyazaki left Toei to found a studio where Takahata would subsequently direct Panda! Go, Panda! (1972), with Miyazaki’s idea and scenario as a base, and Kotabe as head animator and character designer. The bond between the two men further strengthened when they worked together on the TV series Heidi, Girl of the Alps (1974) and 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (1976).

This Masterclass is the opportunity for Mr Kotabe to recall his impressive career, talk about his role, and his collaborations with some of the most esteemed figures in Japanese animation.