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Get Santa

Case Study: Get Santa

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A new feature film from Copenhagen Bombay's new feature, Get Santa. Pipeline based on The Secret of the Ice Flower, presented together with Adobe.

Get Santa is the debut feature film by Danish director Jacob Ley and is a Christmas comedy-adventure set in avery special puppet/model universe.

The film has started its financing to commence production in the autumn of 2013 with an estimated premiere at Christmas 2014.

Besides hearing from the director himself, the producer Petter Lindblad will talk about the financing and timeframe of the project, and Michael O'Neill from Adobe will go through the production pipeline which is based on Adobe software showing new functions that will be used in the feature to give it the best possible result.


  • Jacob LEY
    Jacob LEY

    Director, Writer
    Copenhagen Bombay


  • Petter LINDBLAD
    Petter LINDBLAD

    Copenhagen Bombay


  • Michael O'NEILL
    Michael O'NEILL

    Senior Business development Manager