In accordance with the measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the on-site Annecy Festival 2020 edition is cancelled.
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Guard Dog

Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation

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After a two-year absence, Spike and Mike's unusual and hilarious discoveries are back on the Festival programme.

Spike will be here in person to present his latest Sick and Twisted Animations. Be prepared for a session where viral, banned, scary, disgusting and hysterically funny films will be the order of the day. This year's show will also contain a special live action deranged intro made by Spike himself.

You need to be on time for the screening too, as the first twelve people to arrive will get a free DVD!


  • Spike Intro

    USA - Melissa VASHE

  • Bat Metal


  • Red Shirt Dream

    USA - Rich MOYER

  • Meow

    United Kingdom - Cyriak HARRIS

  • Beans

    United Kingdom - Alvise AVATI

  • Man

    United Kingdom - Steve CUTTS

  • Peepshow

    USA - Debbie BRUCE, Natalie REPP

  • Wurst

    Luxembourg - Carlo VOGELE

  • Red Shirt Landing Party

    USA - Rich MOYER

  • Animation VS Animator 2

    USA - Alan BECKER

  • Maid of the Dead

    Japan - Takena NAGAO

  • Cows & Cows & Cows

    United Kingdom - Cyriak HARRIS

  • Pound Dog Ep1

    USA - Mike SALVA

  • Bored Stiff

    United Kingdom - Louis HUDSON

  • Voteman

    Denmark - Jan RAHBEK

  • The Mosquito Who Gave Up Blood


  • Rumpy Pumpy

    USA - Joanna PRIESTLEY

  • Tree Frog Lord of the Flies

    USA - Jeroen KOFFEMAN

  • Spirit of Christmas

    United Kingdom - Cyriak HARRIS

  • Missed Aches

    USA - Joanna PRIESTLEY

  • Wildebeest

    United Kingdom - Ant BLADES

  • Loom

    Germany - Ilija BRUNCK, Jan BITZER, Csaba LETAY

  • Tiny Hats

    USA - Penelope GAZIN

  • Teat Beat of Sex "Episode 2"

    USA, Italy, Latvia - Signe BAUMANE

  • Dog Snack


  • Tempête sur anorak

    France - Paul CABON, Leah SHORE

  • Peck Pocketed

    USA - Kevin HERRON

  • Enrique Wrecks the World

    USA - David CHAI

  • La Révolution des crabes

    France - Arthur DE PINS

  • Guard Dog


  • Daisy

    USA - Rohitash RAO