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"The Four Seasons" Concert-film Performance

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The Four Seasons as you have never experienced it before!

When Vivaldi's The Four Seasons teams up with animation and contemporary technologies, the result is an unprecedented audiovisual performance, offering a completely different sensory experience both visually and acoustically of his unique works. 

The Musée-Château d'Annecy will be the atmospheric setting for the Pleïade Ensemble musicians (violins: Patricia Vasseur, Nadège Gruffat-Poulain, Elise Douylliez; viola: Marie-Laure Brieugne; cello: Virginie Millour; double bass: Émilie Martin, harpsichord: Calliopé Chaillan) to deliver us their version of "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter", accompanied by the animated visual interpretation of these concertos made by four talented directors: Anna Budanova, Priit Pärn and Olga Pärn, Atsushi Wada and Theodore Ushev. AI is going to be used to synchronize the live music with the animation. Experience a whole new way of enjoying animation with the fusion of music, video, technology and art.

This will be the very first time this performance will be portrayed in France, designed by the Tokyo University of the Arts (Tōkyō Geijutsu Daigaku), and proposed by the Japanese Government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

A sensory experience not to be missed! 

Free admission subject to availability: first come, first seated