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Gâteau Gato

Gastronomy: Soul Food

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Gourmet food is on the menu at the Annecy Festival!

"Is food a source of inspiration for animators? Undoubtedly, yes, and in a number of ways…" – Marcel Jean, Artistic Director

Among the themes in the spotlight alongside Japanese animation at the 2019 Annecy International Animation Film Festival is gourmet food, with a screening cooked to perfection. Use your eyes and ears to savor the many different forms of on-screen gourmet. Food as a source material for Alexandre Dubosc, as a sensual pleasure for Yoriko Mizushiri, or as a litmus test for Lynn Smith.

A mouthwatering program to say the least…

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  • Danse Exquise

    France - Ulysse LEFORT, Martin WIKLUND

  • Gâteau Gato

    France - Alexandre DUBOSC

  • La Soupe du jour

    Canada - Lynn SMITH

  • Futon

    Japan - Yoriko MIZUSHIRI

  • Carcasses et Crustacés

    Switzerland - Zoltan HORVATH

  • Gourmand

    United Kingdom - Andrew HIGGINS

  • Dans le cochon tout est bon

    Belgium - Iris ALEXANDRE

  • Aux gambettes gourmandes

    France - Clémence BOUCHEREAU

  • Share France

    France - Alexandre DUBOSC

  • Jidlo

    Czech Republic, United Kingdom - Jan SVANKMAJER

  • Eat