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Les Espoirs de l'Animation

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View the 2019 award winners from this unique program that offers budding talent a new forum for expression.

Since 2002, students from animation schools all over France have been invited by Tiji, Gulli, and CANAL J to participate in the Les Espoirs de l’Animation competition, where they are offered the chance to work on a project with a predetermined theme. The competition places these young, talented, up-and-coming animators in a real-life professional situation where their works are reviewed by a jury of experts and voted on by kids.

For the 18th edition, 29 new creative works focus on this year’s theme: what does equality between boys and girls really mean? Enough subject matter to inspire hundreds of student!

A Tiji, Gulli, and CANAL J initiative in partnership with La Poudirère in Valence, Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon, EMCA in Angoulême, ESAAT in Roubaix, Ecole Estienne in Paris, SPFA, CNC, and SACD.

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