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Concert Film Octuor de France (Music and Animated Movies)

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The Festival invites you to discover the "Concert Film Octuor de France" as part of its special programme honouring music in animation.

Allow the ear to see and the eye to hear! Music in animation is the second theme honoured during the 2018 Festival. It was essential for Marcel Jean, the artistic director, "to give composers the chance to speak, to allocate them an important place in the Festival programme, and to allow the audience and professionals to meet each other".

Thus, the musical world of animation will be explored throughout the week of festivities!

Over the decades, the Cinémathèque québécoise has built up a rich collection reflecting the evolution of animated films in the world. The selection offered to you goes hand-in-hand with the composer Gabriel Thibaudeau and the Octuor de France orchestra. Working together for nearly 20 years, they have written several concert films that are designed to join together the structures of the works in order to highlight their strengths. Examples include The Man Who Laughs by Paul Leni, Broken Blossoms by David Wark Griffith, and The Fall of the House of Usher by Jean Epstein.

Rediscover, with brilliance and elegance, nine classics of silent animation during this exceptional performance!