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Incredibles 2 - Bao

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Exclusive: "The Incredibles 2" in a French preview showing at Annecy. The film will be preceded by the short film "Bao" by Domee Shi.

With a first opus having more than 5.4 million admissions, is it really necessary to present this famous family of superheroes again? The film will be screened in the presence of its producers and director Brad Bird, who will receive an Honorary Cristal on this occasion, and will be released in France on 4 July. It is therefore a privilege to take part in this preview showing!

In The Incredibles 2, Helen is responsible for a company aiming to rehabilitate superheroes, which leaves it to Bob to keep up the appearances of a "normal" life by playing the role of a hero in the daily life of Violet, Dash and the baby Jack-Jack – whose incredible powers are about to be revealed. But things start to become complicated following the appearance of a new enemy, whose Machiavellian plans threaten to spoil everything. Fortunately, the Parr family never back down in front of anything, especially when they have Frozone by their side, which is exactly what makes them incredible!



Discover the sweet story of a small dumpling during the preview screening of the new short film by Pixar Studios.

As tradition dictates, the release of a new Pixar feature film is always preceded by an unreleased short film on a related theme. Thus, as Elastigirl is honoured in The Incredibles 2, the short film Bao by the director Domee Shi will evoke the theme of motherhood.

Meaning both "small precious bread" and "treasure" in Chinese, Bao tells the story of a woman of Chinese-Canadian origin unable to be a mother. The opportunity finally presents itself when one of her dumplings comes to life. A modern tale which you will undoubtedly love!

As you will have understood, this exclusive event at the Annecy Festival is not to be missed!



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