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A Stroll Through Evolution

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Come along with Maestro for A Stroll Through Evolution, a larger-than-life exhibition that retraces key moments in evolution.

Come take a pleasant stroll off the beaten path at La Turbine in Cran-Gevrier to immerse yourself in the key moments of life on Earth with all its twists and turns at the exhibition-event A Stroll Through Evolution.

Orchestrated by the legendary Maestro, who you’ll find throughout the exhibit games and extracts from different series of Once Upon a Time…, A Stroll Through Evolution invites children and adults to take off on a journey through time.

From the importance of oxygen to biological crises, passing by the first appearance of shells to flight conquests, discover the diversity of Earth’s species. With humour around every corner, everyday objects give a nod to the 60 fossils on display.
Through animation workshops, little ones can playfully learn and try on paleontologist costumes, perform excavations to dig up the mysteries of the past or the whole family can solve a case of missing fossils.

Follow Maestro as your guide in this exhibition full of unexpected twists dedicated to the mysteries of evolution!

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