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 1973 Award Winners

  Short films  

  • Cœur de secours
    Special Jury Award

    Cœur de secours

    Director: Piotr KAMLER

    Country: France

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  • Ego
    Award for a first film


    Director: Daniel SCHELFTHOUT

    Country: Belgium

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  • Frank Film
    Grand Prix

    Frank Film

    Director: Frank MOURIS

    Country: USA

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  • Och, och...
    Special Jury Award

    Och, och...

    Director: Bronislaw ZEMAN

    Country: Poland

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  • Oni
    Émile Reynaud Award


    Director: Kihachiro KAWAMOTO

    Country: Japan

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  • Opera
    Children's film Award


    Director: Guido MANULI, Bruno BOZZETTO

    Country: Italy

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  • Sandman
    International Critics' Award


    Director: Eliot NOYES

    Country: USA

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  • Tchou-tchou
    Distinction in the children's category


    Director: Co HOEDEMAN

    Country: Canada

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  • The Maggot
    Information film Award

    The Maggot

    Director: George DUNNING

    Country: United Kingdom

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  Educational, scientific or industrial films  

  • A Goat in a Boat
    TV Award

    A Goat in a Boat

    Director: Sal MAIMONE

    Country: USA

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  Short Films out of Competition  

  • La Tête
    Émile Reynaud Award

    La Tête

    Director: Émile BOURGET

    Country: France

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