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 2012 Award Winners

  Feature films    

  Short films    

  • The Annecy Cristal


    Tram Film Index
  • Special Jury Award

    Edmond était un âne

    Edmond était un âne Film Index
  • "Jean-Luc Xiberras" Award for a first film

    The People Who Never Stop

    The People Who Never Stop Film Index
  • Special Distinction

    Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto

    Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto Film Index
  • Sacem Award for original music

    Modern No. 2

    Modern No. 2 Film Index
  • Junior Jury Award for a short film

    Historia d'este

    Historia d'este Film Index
  • Audience Award

    Second Hand

    Second Hand Film Index

  TV and commissioned films    

  • The Cristal for best TV production

    Secret Mountain Fort Awesome "Nightmare Sauce"

    Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Film Index
  • Special Award for a TV series

    Stella and Sam "Voyage sur la lune"

    Stella and Sam Film Index
  • Award for best TV special

    The Gruffalo's Child

    The Gruffalo's Child Film Index
  • Educational, scientific or industrial film Award

    Le Droit de suite

    Le Droit de suite Film Index
  • Advertising or promotional film Award

    Red Cross "Stuff"

    Red Cross Film Index
  • Award for best music video

    We Cut Corners "Pirate's Life"

    We Cut Corners Film Index

  Graduation films    

  Special Prizes